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Catches repaired with a one year guarantee

Has the catch broken on your favourite necklace or bracelet? Or doesn’t it close properly so you worry your necklace or bracelet will fall off and get lost? Don’t consign it to the jewellery box, we can repair it with a new catch that opens and closes properly without any malfunctions.

No job is too small, so don’t think just because the catch is only a small part of the piece of jewellery you can’t get it repaired. We provide a fast, affordable service so you can wear your necklace or bracelet again.

There are various different types of catches. We’ll always provide the closest possible match that is most suitable. If a new catch is fitted, we’ll ensure it’s in keeping with the piece of jewellery and allows ease of use.

All our jewellery repairs are guaranteed for one year. A new catch on your necklace or bracelet is likely to give you many more years of use.

If you have any queries regarding any of our services, please contact us for details. For a fast, free quotation Request a pre-paid envelope.

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