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THE COMPANY; Jewellery Doctor Online Ltd the registered office which is located at 58 Long Lane, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 1HH

YOU, THE CUSTOMER; The person who has sent in jewellery and whose name appears on the completed return form that accompanied the jewellery sent in.

GOVERNING LAW; Jewellery Doctor Online Ltd is registered in Scotland with the number SC263753. Scots Law is applicable under these terms and conditions.


The Estimate together with these Terms and Conditions contains the whole agreement between THE COMPANY and YOU in respect of the provision of our repairs and servicing and supersedes and replaces any prior written or oral agreements, representations, or understandings.

Once YOU, THE CUSTOMER have accepted the Estimate, THE COMPANY agrees to carry out the repairs and servicing with a reasonably appropriate level of skill and care. Once THE COMPANY has initiated the repair or service, YOU, THE CUSTOMER cannot withdraw your consent.

All payments are collected via our secure, online payment platform which is powered by a third-party provider called SAGEPAY. THE COMPANY is never exposed to or has access to your credit details including your security code.

Payment is required before any repair or service is carried out. At the discretion of THE COMPANY payment terms can be agreed upon before any work is carried out. If terms are offered then no repair or service will be carried out until full payment has been made.

Payment can also be made over the phone but it will be processed the same as if it were an online payment through SAGEPAY.

Refunds are only given in exceptional circumstances or if THE COMPANY is unable to complete a repair that was outlined in the estimate. Where a refund is made it will normally be paid in full but this is at the reasonable discretion of THE COMPANY.

If, despite commercially reasonable efforts, THE COMPANY cannot complete the repair or service due to a force majeure event, the completion of the repair or service will be postponed depending on the nature and scale of the event, subject to the agreement. Force majeure shall mean and include, without limitation, natural phenomena, conflicts, strikes, attacks, unforeseen official restrictions, and any other events beyond the control of THE COMPANY.

If, while performing the repair or service, we discover that unforeseen additional operations that are not included in the Estimate have to be carried out, THE COMPANY will, as soon as reasonably practicable, send YOU, THE CUSTOMER an additional or updated Estimate for approval including specifically the new operations to be carried out on the jewellery.

If an item is received which has previously been reported as stolen, THE COMPANY reserves the right to inform the former owner and/or the relevant authorities who alone would have the authority to determine legal ownership of the item in question, unless a mutual agreement is reached between the former owner and the current owner, and to keep the item in custody until ownership is determined.

For vintage items of jewellery, difficulties encountered during repair or service, due to the actual condition and/or age of the item, may lead to the Estimate being revised, or work may have to be discontinued if the scheduled Service cannot be completed due to the age of the item. In this case, the item will be returned to YOU, THE CUSTOMER, without charge and insofar as possible in the same condition as when the item was delivered to us and THE COMPANY shall have no further liability to YOU, THE CUSTOMER.

When a ring is being sized, we will make our best efforts to preserve any engravings or hallmarks, however, this is not guaranteed.

There is an element of risk to all repairs as more often than not heat will be required.

If a piece of metal is faulty then the heat may further damage the piece beyond repair. Whilst THE COMPANY will always try to identify faulty metal before work is carried out, sometimes it is not possible as the fault may be on the inside of the metal and be undetectable until heat is applied.

THE COMPANY accepts no liability if damage occurs due to faulty metal and YOU, THE CUSTOMER should contact the retailer for replacement or refund.

Jewellery will be inspected by THE COMPANY upon arrival and before any estimate is sent to YOU, THE CUSTOMER. If THE COMPANY determines that a repair cannot be successful then the jewellery will be returned to YOU, THE CUSTOMER at the address supplied on the enclosed repair form. The jewellery will be sent back via Royal Mail 24 Tracked which is an un-insured method of postage.

If YOU, THE CUSTOMER would rather have the jewellery returned by another means, then inform THE COMPANY and arrangements will be made at YOU, THE CUSTOMER’s own expense.

THE COMPANY cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost items that have been returned this way and YOU, THE CUSTOMER waives all rights to complain and challenge.

THE COMPANY will issue an email with a tracking number informing YOU, THE CUSTOMER that a repair cannot be made and is being returned.

THE COMPANY will send your jewellery back to the address that was provided by YOU, THE CUSTOMER when the original pre-paid envelope request was made. If YOU, THE CUSTOMER have not given prior written notice that the return address is different, then THE COMPANY cannot be held resposible for the jewellery being returned elsewhere.

YOU, THE CUSTOMER only pay for sending your jewellery to us if you proceed with the repair. Delivery charges are shown here and on the payment page of our website. 

Our pre-paid envelopes come with £750.00 of insurance which can be increased by paying a small fee at the time of posting. It can be increased to £1000.00 and £2500.00. 

Please keep all receipts from the Post Office as these are required in the event of a claim.

THE COMPANY will only ever use Royal Mail for return deliveries. When YOU, THE CUSTOMER go to pay for your repair, the choice of return options are given and payment for these will be made at the same time as the repair.

Delivery charges are shown here and on the payment page of our website. 

If YOU, THE CUSTOMER choose a non tracked and un-insured method of return delivery then THE COMPANY cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss.

Delivery times are based on when an item has actually been posted which may not always be the same day as your email confirmation or cancellation request has been made.

The address that we have in our system BEFORE payment must be your billing address. If you would like your jewellery sent to a different address, then please proceed with payment as normal. Your email confirmation will have a link to change the delivery address.

THE COMPANY will always return your jewellery to the address we have in our system. If you require your jewellery to be sent back to a different address then you either need to make a written request by either emailing or making it clear on your paper form that the address is different to what we have in our system.

THE COMPANY cannot be held responsible for delivery addresses that are different to what we have on our system without having prior notification that is is different.

It is the responsibility of YOU, THE CUSTOMER to ensure that our system has the correct postal address at all times.

Claims for damage or loss on insured service must be made in writing via email so that THE COMPANY can start a claim against Royal Mail. Royal Mail will ask for proof of value in the form of a sales receipt or a valuation document. If YOU, THE CUSTOMER cannot supply THE COMPANY with these details then the claim cannot be progressed and will be rejected.

THE COMPANY will make multiple attempts by email with the quote, however, if THE COMPANY does not get a response from YOU, THE CUSTOMER in a reasonable time that is determined by THE COMPANY then the items will be sent back to YOU, THE CUSTOMER using the address supplied on the repair form. The jewellery will be returned by Royal Mail 1st Class Signed for which is a non tracked and non insured method of postage.

All repairs are covered by a 1-year guarantee (except restringing which is 6 months) unless THE COMPANY specifies in the estimate that the guarantee will not be issued. The guarantee only covers the repair that THE COMPANY carried out and not any damage caused by YOU, THE CUSTOMER, or general wear and tear.

When a quote states "BEST POSSIBLE ONLY" then a guarantee may not apply and you should seek clarification before you proceed with paying for the repair. This may be because there are other factors outwith the repair that may fail over time or have an impact on the actual repair.

If YOU, THE CUSTOMER would like to make a claim under the guarantee then this must be submitted via email as soon as possible. THE COMPANY will inspect the jewellery and confirm if the repair will be covered. If the repair is covered then the work will be carried out without delay and returned by the postage method which was originally paid for.

If YOU, THE CUSTOMER are not completely happy with the service provided by THE COMPANY, then please submit your complaint in writing to THE COMPANY will take all reasonable steps to remedy the situation, however, if YOU, THE CUSTOMER are still not satisfied then please contact the relevant ombudsman.

If you have any queries regarding any of our services, please contact us for details. For a fast, free quotation Request a pre-paid envelope.

All prices quoted on this website include VAT at 20%.