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We have a limited offer of 3 for 2 on Rhodium Plating and/or a Clean and Polish for your much-loved rings. During the month of May, we are giving you the opportunity to restore the brilliant shine of your cherished jewels by having them cleaned and polished (gold rings) or rhodium-plated (white gold rings.) We are offering the lowest priced item free with our 3 for 2  "all that glitters is gold" promotion, giving you the gift of that extra sparkle this May. What’s not to love? 

With our professional ring cleaning and polishing service, your gold rings and jewellery will gleam and dazzle like new again. If you're looking to bring back the brilliance of your white gold ring, our rhodium plating service is definitely worth considering. Right now, as part of our May promotion, you can take advantage of our 3-for-2 "all that glitters is gold" offer for both rhodium plating (white gold rings) and a professional clean and polish (gold rings.)

Everyday tasks like housework and gardening can impact the condition of your gold rings and bracelets. Cleaning can be necessary, especially with jewellery that has stones, as dirt tends to accumulate around the stone and can be quite challenging to remove on your own. Our Jewellery Doctor service can clean and polish your gold jewellery to remove scratches and restore its original shine.

With proper care, your jewellery can maintain its gorgeous look for a lifetime. We commit to treating your jewellery with utmost care and giving it a fresh new look. Rest assured that our cleaning, buffing, and polishing processes are designed to ensure the utmost safety for your cherished jewellery.

Our Jewellery Doctor professional cleaning service includes:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning; to remove dirt.
  • Magnetic polishing; intensive cleaning behind metalwork and underneath stones.
  • Steam cleaning; a high-precision steam clean to bring out the sparkle in your diamonds and precious stones.
  • Buffing; polishing out surface scratches.

To express your interest in our 3 for 2 offer, send us an email at We can provide you with a fully insured pre-paid envelope to conveniently send your jewellery to us. Our team at Jewellery Doctor will promptly assess your item and provide you with a quote.

If you have any queries regarding any of our services, please contact us for details. For a fast, free quotation Request a pre-paid envelope.

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