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UPDATED 6th May 2021   

As Scotland has starts to move out of the lockdown that started at the end of 2020, we too are starting to open up a little more.

From Monday 26th April 2021, the workshop will now open 5 days a week but still on slightly reduced hours. This means that we are almost back to our normal working routine and as such times to send out quotes and complete repairs are now quicker than before.

Our system sends an update at each stage of your repair so you are fully up to date as to the status of your repair. We are still asking customers to be patient and have updated all of the dates in our email to reflect this so there is no reason to email for an update that we are unable to provide.

The lockdown has had the biggest impact on restringing jobs as the company we use for this are based in England and has confirmed they are now working with reduced staff and hours at the moment. We are in constant communication with them and they have suggested that as England moves out of lockdown, they will also look to increase staffing and hours.

Whilst we are still accepting restringing jobs there will be small delays. If you do send in your jewellery for this service, it will be safely stored in our secure vault and will be fully insured. The good news is that we will still be faster than the high street.

We would also like to point out that we are a Scottish-based business and will be adhering to the rules as set out by the Scottish Government.

Barry Koervers 

Company Director

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