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Rhodium plating is the process used to make white gold.

White gold starts out as normal yellow gold, however, there is a higher nickel content to remove most of the yellow colour. Rhodium is then applied by dipping the piece into a vat of liquid rhodium where an electric current is sent through to make it stick to the metal. It is then cleaned and polished giving you the high silver shine that is associated with White Gold.

During all repairs to white gold, this plating is removed either because heat is involved (99% of the time) or because we need to use a method that involves making the piece grubby.

As part of all repairs to white gold, the last thing we do before the standard clean and polish is to re-apply the rhodium to bring back the high shine and remove any signs of the yellow gold showing through.

This does increase the cost of repairs to white gold as rhodium is expensive and it does involve more repair time. The good news is that we charge much less for a piece that is being rhodium plated as part of a repair than a piece that is just in for rhodium plating.

It is not possible to carry out a repair to white gold without re-applying rhodium, even if the piece has recently been rhodium plated.

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