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Rhodium plating is a commonly used process to create white gold jewellery. White gold is made from yellow gold but with a higher nickel content to remove most of its yellow colour. The process involves immersing the jewellery piece in a vat of liquid rhodium, where an electric current is applied to ensure the rhodium adheres to the metal. After that, the jewellery piece undergoes careful cleaning and polishing to achieve the signature high silver shine that is often associated with white gold.

Throughout the process of white gold restorations, the rhodium plating is typically removed through the use of heat (99% of the time) or a specialised cleaning procedure that can involve tarnishing the jewellery piece. As part of our Jewellery Doctor white gold repairs, we ensure that your jewellery piece regains its high shine by reapplying the rhodium plating during the final step of our repair, leaving your treasured jewellery looking as good as new.

Rhodium plating raises the cost of repairs due to the high cost of rhodium and the extra repair time required; however, Jewellery Doctor offers a more affordable price for rhodium plating when it's included in a jewellery repair. It's important to note that, regardless of whether the piece has been recently rhodium plated, white gold jewellery repairs will require re-application of rhodium.

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