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Restringing pearls and beads

Have you broken your favourite necklace or bracelet? We can get it back to its original condition. It’s always best to use a professional for restringing broken pearl and bead chains to ensure the best result. We’re the pearl knotting experts and can restring pearls and beads if your bracelet or necklace is broken.

Whether it’s pearl, gemstone, glass beads, amber or jet, you can count on us to restring your necklace or bracelet. The service is fast and affordable, and we always take the upmost care to ensure your treasured jewellery is looked after and beautifully restored.

We restring pearl necklaces with or without knots and to your required length. Knotting between each pearl helps stop them rub together and causing damage. The knotting also helps them from coming loose if the necklace is broken. We use secure threads which are durable and less likely to wear out over time. (If it’s relevant, we can add the sort of thread you use.)

  • We repair Mikimoto, Lotus and Ciro necklaces
  • We restring precious and semi-precious beaded necklaces, such as jet
  • All work is guaranteed for six months.

If you have any queries regarding any of our services, please contact us for details. For a fast, free quotation Request a pre-paid envelope.

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